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What Parents are Saying

Dad of Rishi and Vani

Rishi (9) and Vani (11) have been in the Bhashafunic program for a year now. It helps them converse with grandparents, and they are enjoying having a secret language they can use to converse with each other among friends. The kids find the teachers engaging, and the course material fun. Ann runs a great program - all the best to the Bhashafunic team!

Dad of Aadi

My child feels much more confident in his math and coding skills. He is excited about the lessons and enjoys them immensely. Ann goes out of her way and continues to accommodate all my requests as a parent.

Dad of Adrith

When we heard of Bhashafunic, we enrolled him without a second thought. To our pleasant surprise, he loves the interactions with his tutor and online classmates. Thanks to bhashafunic, his interactions with his grand parents got a boost. We highly recommend Bhashafunic and have already signed up for repeat sessions.

Dad of Matthew

I had enrolled Matthew for these sessions during the summer vacations. He ended up really liking it and wants to continue even when school reopened. So highly recommend these sessions. We are signing him up for the Techfunic weekend plans, he's taken a liking to coding, which is great

Dad of Titan

Techfunic keeps my son curious. As a result, my son passed the Math M Addicts entrance and now is on an advanced Math track. We are continuing with ArithEnrich through the school year.

Techfunic in the News!

Alum of the NYU Summer Launchpad accelerator, run by the NYU Entrepreneurial Institute

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Sign up for our interactive bootcamps and gain essential skills within a short span of time
Malayalam Bootcamp

All of our tutoring is virtual, meaning that your child can participate from the comfort of their own home and develop self-study skills in their personal learning environment. 

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STEM & Language Tutoring

Techfunic offers affordable, small-group tutoring in Tech, Math and Language for students ingrades 3-12.

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Enhance Your Child’s Learning

High-impact, personalized classes in groups of 3 with a private tutor.

Tech Junior

Grades 3-6

Game-based, no-code platforms and experiential learning to help younger children learnbasic tech concepts such as MIT Scratch and Berkley Snap.

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Java & Python

Grades 7-12

Low-code game/app development and data mining to teach middle school and highschool students real code through fun projects.

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Blockchain for kids Bootcamp

Age 12-17

"Blockchain - The technology"

"A fun introduction by Techfunic"

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AP Computer Science

Grades 10-12

Harvard University’s Advanced Placement Computer Science course available to highschool students, with the option to purchase certification at the end.

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Grades 2-5

Math games, sudoku, puzzles and more to help your child develop logical learning skills and a love of math.
Help your child develop a love of math through our small-group tutoring classes. Math games, stories, sudoku,

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Grades 6-12

Enrich your child’s math learning in school with small-group tutoring classes. Focusing on Pre-Algebra, Algebra I/II, Geometry, Pre-Calculus, Elementary Math, Probability & Statistics, Trigonometry and Calculus A/B or B/C.

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Ages 5-105

Small-group classes of up to 5 students to learn conversational Malayalam. We make learning a new language fun by incorporating stories, role-playing, pictures, and videos, and focusing on commonly used phrases and sentences.

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Ages 5-105

We provide small-group, specially designed-sessions that allow students to work on topics of particular interest or concern. Our instructors are qualified, native Tamil speakers with good experience teaching the language.

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Ages 5-105

We use an approach that will help you or your child grasp Hindi quickly and be able to use it in day-to-day situations whether it be communicating with you or your parents or relatives; from a beginner to an advanced level in a systematic manner.

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Ages 5-105

You or your child can practice reading, writing, speaking, and listening French, our committed and trained language instructors conduct communicative courses with a focus on providing students with lots of opportunities to practice French.

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Ages 5-105

We don't just teach Spanish; instead, we emphasize its vocabulary, and expressions, in each class. This improves the student's learning experience and expands his or her vocabulary and vocabulary base to enable conversational Spanish.

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Why Choose Techfunic


Private tutoring can be very expensive, but Techfunic keeps the costs down to make learning affordable for every family. Monthly subscriptions start at only $49/month.


All of our tutoring is virtual, meaning that your child can participate from the comfort of their own home and develop self-study skills in their personal learning environment. 


We offer month-to-month plans with no commitment, so you can try it out and continue as long as it’s beneficial for your child. 


Our weekly hour-long sessions taught by live tutors are very interactive, encouraging participation in socially diverse small groups that are matched by age or skill level. 


Many students show higher engagement rates in social learning settings. Our small groups of 3 students to 1 tutor provide the benefits of co-learning while allowing for personalized attention.

Ready to Get Started?

Whether your child is striving to stay up-to-date in math or you’re looking to enhance their learning with new STEM skills, Techfunic will build their confidence while making learning fun. Try it out today and see for yourself! 

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Techfunic was established with one goal in mind...
As an engineer and mother of three, I know how difficult it can be to find affordable high quality tutors who are both engaging and knowledgeable. This is why I created Techfunic.
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