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Personalized Tutoring 

STEM is the future,
Catch them young, Give your child a strong foundation in life.
Live Online Classes
Mathematics | Coding
3 kids and a tutor.
Backed by NYU Entrepreneurial Institute

We work in small teams in real life, let our kids learn in small groups too










Learn to code with friends

  • Low-code/No-code programming
  • Build games - 3 children in a class 
  • Technology & Computer Science concepts
Children who code when young, choose AP Computer Science in High School & College

Practice Math Concepts

  • Higher grades & confidence
  • Less time to finish homework
  • Learn in a group of 3 with an expert tutor
Watch your child's confidence & self esteem go up as they help their friends with Math at school
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Wish that your child spoke your mother tongue?

  • Connect with your roots
  • Embrace your mother tongue 
  • Indulge in a cultural immersion
Feel fulfilled when you see your child speak with their grandparents in their mother tongue​
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Making tutoring accessible to every child

When Ann Andrews, an engineer & mother of 3, set out to find the right engaging tutors for her kids, she realised it’s a challenge many parents are grappling with. She quickly did some calculus, did her permutations & combinations, along with her parenting insights, and voila we had Techfunic!

Fun learning experience & unmatched individual attention!

Techfunic is for you. We offer affordable long term tutoring plans that are easy on your family budget.

Want to hear about our journey and the impact we are making along the journey?


Learning is meant to be an enjoyable process for every child.  Explore our ideologies and approach to mentoring.


Know more about the mentors and innovators, who is making this venture more than a success!

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Studying at Home
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Hari, Rishi and Vanis's dad

Rishi (9) and Vani (11) have been in the Bhashafunic program for a year now. It helps them converse with grandparents, and they are enjoying having a secret language they can use to converse with each other among friends. The kids find the teachers engaging, and the course material fun. Ann runs a great program - all the best to the Bhashafunic team!

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Guitar Class

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