AP Computer Science

Technology is the future! STEM jobs pay in the top 3% across all industries, and children who learn to code in middle school and high school are 75% more likely to choose Computer Science degrees.

Our AP Computer Science class, which follows Harvard University’s curriculum with the option to purchase certification at the end, helps students stand out in college admissions.

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$129 per month
15-18 years/10th-12th grade
Beginner - Intermediate
1 hour/Week
Computer Science Engineering

Topics Covered

Fundamentals of Computer Science
Objects, Binary, Boolean, Iterations
Abstrations, Encapsulation, Arrays, Inheritance
Recursion, Object oriented programming
Objects, Classes & Functions
Variables, Data Types & Packages
Parallelism, Event handling, Debugging

How It Works

Class Concepts 

In this AP Computer Science course, our trained tutors will work through the Harvard University curriculum on edX. At the end of the course, there will be the option to purchase certification so that the class credit will be added to your child’s College Board profile. 

Class Structure

We match three students of similar ages or skill levels in a group with one tutor. Groups meet weekly for one-hour sessions, and students will see the same tutor week after week for consistency. 

Assignments & further learning

New concepts are taught, discussed and reinforced in class each week. Between classes, self-study modules help students further their learning at home. The small-group class model guarantees individual attention and extra help when needed. 

Got any questions? See our FAQs for answers.
See our FAQs

Why It Matters

Develop Engineering Concepts

Students will develop a broad and robust understanding of computer science and programming, including how to think algorithmically and solve programming problems efficiently. 

Work on Practical Projects

In this course, students will develop high-level proficiency in coding and practical application development, including a strong understanding of full stack web development across various technologies.
This, combined with the collaboration and social skills required, will serve as a strong foundation in the working world as young adults learn to create projects and work in globally diverse teams. 

Learn in a Social Environment

Many students show higher engagement rates and better retention of new concepts when they learn with peers. Techfunic classes also facilitate your child’s development of emotional and social intelligence through interactions with a diverse group of peers and tutors.

My child feels much more confident in his math and coding skills. He is excited about the lessons and enjoys them immensely.
Ann goes out of her way and continues to accommodate all my requests as a parent.
~ Dad of Aadi

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Coding is the new literacy. Give your child the opportunity to develop these important skills to thrive in a tech-focused world. 

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