As an engineer and mother of three, I know how difficult it can be to find affordable, high-quality tutors who are both engaging and knowledgeable. This is why I created Techfunic.

~ Ann Andrews, CEO Techfunic
Ann Andrews

Our Founder’s Story

The idea came to me when my daughter, who was a high school freshman at the time, was falling behind in math and a private tutor was simply too expensive. I eventually found remote tutors at my alma mater university and realized that sessions would be more engaging in small groups instead of 1:1. 

Once I discovered a broader need for this type of academic enrichment, I formed Techfunic to offer math, coding and language tutoring sessions in groups of three. Students ages 8 to 18 who normally could not afford such classes were benefiting, and I knew we were onto something great. 

Our offering is for parents who want to ensure that their children have a strong foundation in Math and an early exposure to Tech to set them up for success in life. We strive to help parents of under-served communities in the U.S., making individualized tutoring accessible and affordable for every child, thus increasing the proficiency of our children in STEM. 

Our Tutors

Our tutors are handpicked from top-tier STEM universities, which produces some of the world’s best talent in Math and Technology. They go through a competitive, multi-round interview process to ensure that they are engaging and assess their ability to handle three children per class. Those selected go through our rigorous training program to become familiar with the U.S. educational system and proficient in the U.S. curriculum. 

Our tutors bring their own content to the session to guide the structure of the class, while ensuring that individual needs are met. Our tutors prompt thinking in children and guide them on how to approach a problem systematically and strategically. 

Techfunic’s small group model, which groups children based on age and skill level, promotes peer learning and social tolerance, an important life skill. If one child is working on a concept in class that the other two have already mastered, the children are able to help one another learn and practice, reinforcing their own understanding of the concept. 

Our tutors ensure that each child is engaged and participates in class with video on, simulating a real-life small group tutoring session, and providing individual attention as needed. In addition to the work done in class each week, children quickly develop a self-study discipline that increases their confidence and learning. When they are able to do their homework faster and achieve higher grades, their performance often improves across subjects. 

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