About Us

Our Mission

Techfunic (formerly Arithfunic) provides personalized tutoring for children ages 8-15 in Math and Tech.

Our offering is for parents who want to ensure their children have a strong foundation in Math and an early exposure to Tech to set them up for success in life. 

We strive to serve parents of underserved communities in the US, making individualized tutoring accessible and affordable for every child, thus increasing the proficiency of our children in STEM.


What is your policy for cancelled classes ?

If we cancel a class, we will extend the next 4 classes by 15 minutes each to make up for the missed class. In some circumstances, we will reschedule the class to a time that works for all involved.

What is your policy for missed classes?

Our classes happen at regularly scheduled times. If you miss a session, the class will still happen with the tutor and the other students. We are happy to offer you a maximum of one make-up session a month if there's another batch that's happening that will suit your child.

How long does it take to learn a language?

Language learning depends on many factors - how much exposure your child has to the language, does he/she spend time with people who speak the language constantly, if your child has gone through a language learning process before - all of these play a factor. Bhashafunic classes are meant to be in-class, fun engaging conversations where the child is exposed to a native speaker and overtime develops comfort with attempting to pronounce words correctly and explore speaking in phrases and sentences

How can I be sure that my child is safe?

Arithfunic tutors are hand-picked from the best universities in India after a rigorous selection process and background checks. Additionally random Arithfunic sessions are recorded for training, quality and safety purposes and are reviewed by a panel of moderators.

Are Arithfunic classes based on a syllabus/curriculum?

Techfunic sessions use online content relevant to the topic and age group to practice a topic and its underlying concept. Our tutors use word problems, puzzles and brain teasers to introduce/review concepts.

Everyone does online classes. What sets Arithfunic apart?

In today's world of pandemic lock-down, where most learning has shifted online, online classes are common. Children can turn off video or audio or both and be distracted or easily be browsing. Arithfunic tutors create an inclusive engaging environment which enables children to participate optimally in sessions, feel included and participate as if they are in a real class with a real person. Small class sizes ensure individual attention and engagement.

What is unique about Arithfunic?

Arithfunic sessions have a max class size of 3 for Tech & Coding classes and 5 for language classes. This ensures that your child is engaged in the class, gets individual attention and is able to interact with classmates and the tutor optimally.