Enrich your child’s physics learning in school with small-group tutoring classes.

Our tutors will review topics taught in school, aid with homework, and introduce additional practice problems to advance physics concepts. In between sessions, your child will review helpful videos and complete worksheets to develop self-study practices.

We will also use Khan Academy to create a routine at home and to help the tutor understand where the child could use extra support. 

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$ 99 per month
Intermediate - Advanced
2 classes/week, 1 hour each
Middle School and High School Physics

Topics Covered

One-dimensional motion
Forces and Newton's laws of motion
Two-dimensional motion
Uniform circular motion and gravitation
Work and energy

How It Works

Class Concepts

Children advance their physics skills in a small group environment. Aimed to aid with homework help and enrichment, content is customized based on your child’s level of understanding and areas where extra support is needed. 

Class Structure

We match three children of similar ages or skill levels in a group with one tutor. Groups meet twice weekly for one-hour sessions, and children will see the same tutor week after week for consistency. 

Assignments & further learning

Topics covered each week review what is taught in school and prepare for the week ahead. Between classes, students are encouraged to continue learning on their own with our self-study modules and practice materials.

Got any questions? See our FAQs for answers.
See our FAQs

Why It Matters

Develop Critical Thinking 

While learning intermediate and advanced  physics concepts, children develop logical reasoning, strategic thinking and problem-solving skills, which can be applied to many different situations and subjects. 

Gain Essential Life Skills

Learning problem-solving skills and practicing  physics concepts in small groups also helps to teach life skills known as the four Cs: Creativity, Communication, Collaboration, and Critical thinking.

Learn in a Social Environment

Many children show higher engagement rates and better absorption of new concepts when they learn with peers. Our small groups of 3 students to 1 tutor provide the benefits of social learning along with personalized attention.

Build Confidence

Our programs help children to develop strong self-study habits that enable them to do their homework faster and get higher grades in physics, which in turn increases their confidence and performance in all subjects.

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A solid foundation in math gives your child an edge in life. Get started today with our engaging tutoring sessions that support and enrich what your child is learning in school. 

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