Help your child or other family members learn spoken Spanish through our small-group classes of up to 5 students.

We make learning a new language fun by incorporating stories, role-playing, pictures and videos, and focusing on commonly used phrases and sentences.

In addition to teaching the language, we also introduce students to the way of life in Spain, including culture, traditions and social structure.

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$79/month for 1 child
5 - any age
Beginner - Intermediate
1 hour / Week
Spanish, Levels 1-3 

Topics Covered

Level 1 : Common Words and Sentences
Level 2 : Letters and Sight Words
Level 3 : Reading and Writing

How It Works

Class Concepts

Your child learns conversational Spanish, with a focus on commonly used phrases and sentences. Classes incorporate stories, role-playing, pictures and videos to keep them fun and engaging. 

Class Structure

We match up to five students of similar ages or skill levels in a group with one tutor. Groups meet weekly for one-hour sessions, and children will see the same tutor week after week for consistency. 

Learning & Assignments

Teachers fluent in both Spanish and English will help students progress through three levels, starting with common words and sentences, progressing to letters and sight words, and advancing to reading and writing. Students will be encouraged to practice in between sessions to reinforce what they learn each week. 

Got any questions? See our FAQs for answers.
See our FAQs

Why It Matters

Ace in Spanish

Do you have Spanish as a second language and need a bit more support in scoring A+? 
Wouldn't it be great to be fluent in Spanish and brag about it to friends. How cool would it be to ramble away in Spanish on trips to Madrid?  

Build Cultural Traditions

Language is part of culture. We teach not only the Spanish language, but also the way of life in Spain – including what our social structures are, what our culture stands for, and what elements make up the Spanish tradition.

Improve Cognitive Function

Learning a second language can help children improve memory and concentration, develop critical-thinking abilities, deepen listening skills, and encourage creativity and flexibility. And for older students, learning a new language has even been shown to slow mental aging.

Learn in a Social Environment 

Many children show higher engagement rates and better absorption of new concepts when they learn with peers. Our small groups of 3 students to 1 tutor provide the benefits of social learning along with personalized attention. 

When we heard of Bhashafunic, we enrolled him without a second thought. To our pleasant surprise, he loves the interactions with his tutor and online classmates. Thanks to bhashafunic, his interactions with his grand parents got a boost. We highly recommend Bhashafunic and have already signed up for repeat sessions.
~ Dad of Adrith

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