Creative Minds: Generative AI for Kids

A hands-on webinar designed to introduce children to the power of Generative AI, fostering their imaginations and problem-solving skills while sparking their interest in cutting-edge technology.
Join the Webinar on 21 January!
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Course Highlights

By the end of the "Creative Minds: Generative AI for Kids" course, children will have a solid grasp of AI concepts, practical experience with Generative AI tools, and a portfolio of creative projects to showcase.

Introduction to AI

Kids will begin by understanding the fundamentals of Artificial Intelligence, demystifying concepts such as machine learning, neural networks, and algorithms in a kid-friendly way.

Generative AI tools

Students will be introduced to user-friendly Generative AI tools, enabling them to create a variety of content, including text, images, and more.

Creative Projects

Kids will develop projects such as their AI-generated blogs, stories, and images, unleashing their creative potential in a safe and controlled environment.


Through challenges and exercises, students will develop problem-solving skills as they work on AI-driven projects, fostering a growth mindset.


Kids will have the opportunity to collaborate with their peers, sharing ideas, insights, and AI-generated creations, promoting teamwork and communication skills.

Presentation Skills

The course will culminate in a project showcase, where students will present their creations, reinforcing their communication and presentation abilities.