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What is Techfunic

Come find out…

2020 will go down in history as the most uncertain year that has ever been! Every activity from domestic chores to world affairs were put to test. Closer home, the year flipped the daily routine of children- from restricted screen times to a sudden spike in attendance in virtual online classes. ‘But how effective were the online classes?’, a common thought that resonated among the minds of most parents. Thus was born Techfunic, the brainchild of parent and creator Ann Andrews. An idea born out of sheer necessity has now become the binding force of a growing community in the education space.

But what is Techfunic?

To understand a little about us- let’s break it down further into Tech and Funic.

Tech - While all of us have a general awareness of how technology has permeated into our every state of being, understanding it and inculcating our students the basic fundamentals of ‘Tech’ through Math and carefully curated introductory STEM programs is our motive.

Funic- Now this is literally the fun part of it all! Our programs have been tried and tested by actual middle school students and their pure feedback has been the backbone of our offering. The ratio of one Instructor to a group of maximum three Students ensures each student receives close attention from the Instructor and the availability of a peer group at the same time ensures a playful yet productive competitiveness creating a wholesome learning environment.

So don’t waste time and dive into the world of Techfunic with Math, Tech and Language classes to choose from!

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January 13, 2022
5 min read
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