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How to equip tomorrow's leaders

Start by picking the right tools today...

Let’s do a mind exercise: think of a common thread between the following companies Twitter, Google, Microsoft, IBM, Adobe? All tech giants headed by Indian born and raised leaders? Bingo!

Notice how we emphasized on the word ‘raised’ - this article in the Fortune magazine succinctly explains how ‘resilience and modesty’ qualities deeply instilled by Indian upbringing triumphs in defining great leadership, especially in the tech space which is dynamic and throws decision making curveballs by the minute.

How do we use this observation to our educational advantage? Techfunic has boiled it down to a simple formula - combine this Indian resilience with the resources offered by the American education system, where hard work is justly rewarded. This brings out the best offerings in both and makes up for the shortcomings in the American Math education (which does not conduct sufficient practice) and the absence of a wholesome Tech/Coding curriculum in middle school. Sustained Math practice improves the assimilation of fundamentals leading to a better logical reasoning of technical concepts. Techfunic ensures end-to-end Educational support in both areas.

The current state of K-12 STEM education in the US

A little about us, Techfunic is a little more than your usual online tutoring service - we solidify the self-study routine with regular small group tutoring reinforcing concepts using practice. Our tutors are highly skilled engineering undergrads and young professionals from India’s industrious talent pool who have a passion for teaching. All this is offered at an affordable price point while offering the benefits of a high quality tutoring program.

Success is truly about persistence and smart work. Children with an access to such an environment that promotes healthy competition tend to excel at school further leading to excellence in their future careers.

Do the right thing by your child. Enroll at today!

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April 2, 2023
5 min read
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