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4th Marking period!

The Annual Grand Finale ritual!

This school year, as eventful as it has been with online learning- figuring out testing online and making sure children are engaged in virtual settings- is finally coming to a closure!

Parents, that means it is time for a self check:

  • Is your child a self-learner or do you need to work with them?
  • Does your child submit homework on time and prepare for tests independently or do you need to follow up?
  • Do you have the time and skill to work with your child consistently?

Irrespective of regular Math or Advanced Math or Math Enrichment program enrollment, the student requires continuous practice to ensure a strong foundation in fundamental concepts leading to a good grade in the concluding academic year.

This year we realised the value of the human element in learning. How do we make virtual lessons more engaging? While theories are so ‘yester-year’, hands-on learning is the new way to go!

Techfunic (formerly Arithfunic)  offers ‘small-group’ online interactive tutoring. Our online video tutoring sessions with a maximum strength of 3 Students to one Tutor ensures your child is engaged, sharing their screen and actively practicing problems with 2 other children their age under the guidance of their Tutor.  Who are our tutors? To learn a little bit about our trusted Tutor army- Stay tuned!  

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January 13, 2022
5 min read
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