Tech is rightly, the new math!

With the majority of growing occupations requiring tech skills directly & indirectly, it is a clear mandate to equip your child for a world of possibilities! 

  • Fun Story Based Live Classes

  • Animation Videos, No Code/ Low Code platforms

  • 3 kids in a class 

  • MIT Scratch & Berkley Snap based game Development


Your child will :

  • Learn to think programmatically 

  • Learn to builds games, not just play them

  • Develop a strong foundation in coding

  • Develop social skills from the small-group, co-learning ecosystem

Techfunic Junior



Every month

1 class/week

Scratch - MIT

No Code Programming

Techfunic Senior



Every month

1 class/week

Students learn real code through fun projects where they make games.

Java Curriculum