Prepare your child for success in the coming school year

2 weeks intensive

Live online classes

Affordable high-impact personalized classes to get your child into a self-study mode for Math and Coding.


Want to ensure your child spends the rest of summer getting academically ready for school?

Techfunic summer camps offer a curated crisp immersion in Math, Tech & Language. It prepares the child for the new term, revisits concepts needing help and reduces learning loss from previous term!

Techfunic Math intensive uses Khan Academy as a basis and a tutor ensures that the child is prepared for the school year. Our 1:3 classes has a group energy which motivates self-learning in children increasing confidence and ensure a better experience at school.

Flagship Programs


Math Intensive



Grades 5-11

9 - 21 Aug

Monday - Friday

1.5 hours/day


Java Programming



12 - 18 yrs

Monday - Friday

1 Week

1.5 hours/day


Scratch Programming



7 - 11 yrs

Monday - Friday

1 Week

1.5 hours/day

Learn your Mother Tongue


Malayalam Camp



All ages

 Monday - Friday

3 Weeks

1 hour/day

Some key features of the summer camps :

  • Curated YouTube animations to introduce children to a breadth of topics

  • Learn by doing , Practice before concept

  • Familiarize your child with a wide variety of concepts in Technology & Mathematics

  • Class size ranges from 3-5 which are ideal for kids to be in a social co-learning environment

  • Instructors are trained to engage the kids to participate and help each other.

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Frequently asked questions

My child doesn’t understand Malayalam. Can he/she join the course?

Absolutely! Our Level 1 focuses on children growing up abroad and focuses on conversational Malayalam in a fun way

Do we provide classes only for the US?

We are a US-based company, but we have students joining from all over the world. These classes would be a great way for your child to connect with other children from different countries

What is the communication mode of the classes?

We use Google Meet/Zoom. A recurring calendar invite will be sent to you once you enroll.

Do we provide any textbooks?

The teachers share worksheets and required content in a shared document that is part of the class and can be used for revision.

If a student missed a class, will we re-take the session?

No, this is a summer camp on a regular schedule, so the classes will need to happen, however, every class revises content from the previous class, so your child will be able to catch up.

What is Summer Camp?

It is a curated crisp catch up in Tech, Math and Language. It prepares the child for the new term, revisits concepts needing help and reduces learning loss from previous term, over 2 weeks, starting at just $199.

How do I register for Summer Camp?

Please select the desired Course (Math, Tech or Language) from the summer camp and book your spot. Read all instructions and follow any prompts you receive.

How do I benefit from Summer Camp?

1. Reduces learning loss from previous term 2. Exclusive classes with small batches with average 5 students. 3. Daily 1 hour classes. 4. Daily content is shared for the revision of student