How is Arithfunic and Techfunic different from other tutoring programs?

Children learn best in small study groups where they are engaged and get individual attention. Our classes are small pods of 3 kids of similar age and skill level creating a peer study group experience

What to expect after filling out the website sign up form?

You can browse through our various offerings: Arithfunic for Math classes for elementary school children, ArithEnrich for Middle & High school children, Techfunic for Coding/Tech classes, Bhashafunic for Malayalam classes.

What to expect after trial?

You will receive a call from us within 48 hours of your trial class. Our Customer service team will walk you through the booking procedure and a class that works with your schedule will be assigned to you.

What to expect after a class/trial sign up?

Our classes are conducted on Google Meet. You will receive an email with the link to join your class/trial within 48 hours of booking. The class can also be accessed through your calendar.

How do I ensure that my child is able to enter classes hassle free?

Please provide a gmail address for your child. We will send you a recurring Google meet invite, once you accept the invite, your child will be able to securely join the class. If he/she needs to "Ask to join", please let the Operations team know at team@arithfunic.com

What to do if no convenient time slot is available for booking?

Select any slot from the booking page and proceed to book a class. Along with this kindly send a mail to team@arithfunic.com providing details about your child's name and preferred time slots. We will reach back to you with a confirmation mail soon.

Do we follow a fixed curriculum for Techfunic?

Techfunic is an interactive and immersive session where your child explores concepts in Technology in a fun conversational manner. We all grasp concepts best when we talk about it, rather than just listen. With small class sizes of 3, Techfunic introduces complex behind the scenes concepts in Technology through animation videos, No-code/Low-code platforms and DIY sites. This action based learning gets them comfortable enough with Computer Science that they are open to taking AP courses in Technology in high school and college.

Do we follow a fixed curriculum for Arithfunic?

For age groups 8-10 we offer Arithfun classes which uses a combination of riddles and questions that prompt out of the box thinking . Arithfun classes are aimed at increasing your child's interest and aptitude in Math and puzzle solving. ArithEnrich classes builds subject knowledge and ensures sufficient practice to comprehend topics taught in school. We follow reputed sites like Khan Academy and iXLMath to baseline our sylabbus. The tutor assesses the child in the first 3-4 classes and based on the understanding of the level of the child crafts the content for the subsequent classes.

What is the policy around missed sessions?

If we cancel or reschedule a session due to any unavoidable circumstance, we will arrange for a make-up class or give you a time/class credit which can be redeemed for a free month after 4 instances. If you have a schedule conflict and inform us before 48 hours, we will do our best to let you attend an alternate class happening or reschedule the class. If you miss the class without informing us prior, we are unable to help you. Techfunic is like any other organization and have scheduled breaks during Xmas, Easter, Spring break and major holidays when majority of our students are unavailable.

What are our tutor onboarding criteria?

Our tutors are hand-picked from premier engineering schools in India. They are onboarded and trained and provided with premium resources aligned with the US public school system to create the right content for the students. They are highly proficient in Math and Technology and has exceptional communication skills to work with your child towards higher grades and confidence in the subject.

What is the typical class duration?

Typically, a class lasts for 1 hour and a trial class lasts for 30 minutes. If a sessions needs to be cancelled from our end, we will make up the time by adding 15 mins to a class for 4 consecutive weeks.

How can you contact us?

Please send us a text message detailing your queries. If you want to speak with someone from our team, kindly leave us a text and we will give you a call back.