Tutoring your child

asks more of!

Practice Math and coding in pods of 3! Engage, interact and learn!

Class size of 3

Learn with peers and have fun while at it.


Pricing starts as low as $10 per class.


Engaging learning experience by our passionate tutors.



Coding is the new Math. Make technology part of your child's education and confidence. 


Practice Malayalam with a native speaker  with stories, songs & poems. Be multilingual. 


Practice Math with puzzles, and word problems. Empower your child  with confidence in Math.

2 Weeks


Here's what Arithfunic parents say ...

Watch Joshua, an Arithfunic kid

“I am thankful to the hardworking and extremely dedicated team at arithfunic. They have helped in the learning process of my child. He feels much more confident in his math and coding skills. He is excited about the lessons and enjoys them immensely. Their team goes out of their way to accommodate all my requests as a parent.”

Khanna, Aadi's dad