Did your child's not score an A+ in Math last year?


Confidence in Math has a ripple effect. It boosts your child's self-esteem and automatically results in higher performance in every other subject.

Math is one subject you get better at with practice. And that's what we do at Techfunic.

  1. We create groups of 3 kids who are in the same skill level and are taking the same focus topic this fall when school opens.
  2. Our hand-picked tutors curate content for this small group to revise topics, further practice, and learn new concepts.
  3. When a child finishes a practice problem first and raises their hand, he/she gets to explain it to the rest of the group.

When a child teaches, he/she is engaged and will never forget that concept in life.

By studying in a team environment, they learn tolerance and social skills and play to each other's strengths. They become more socially rounded.

So what happened last year with virtual learning?

  • Teachers taught concepts over Zoom and assigned homework
  • No live class time - so teachers didn't get to walk around in class and make sure kids practiced the concept so they could do the homework
  • Technically there are office hours - but hey, let's get real, did your child sign up to spend more time with their teacher, that too over Zoom?
  • Some kids didn't turn in the homework, because listen, this is going to be a lenient year, right? So, why bother?
  • Some kids googled the questions, keyed in answers they found online, and submitted the work  
  • Tests and final exams were administered over Zoom too - most were not reflective of how much the children actually learned
  • Many schools did tier grading since they had no real way to evaluate how the children did.