Conversational Malayalam in a fun way

"How nice it would be if my child can participate in conversations with friends and family on trips to Kerala"

"I wish my child would speak to my parents in Malayalam, than my parents switching to English"

"There's a wedding coming up - I wish my child could feel at home than be on the phone the whole time"   

Bhashafunic has you covered! 

  • Be among the 10% of the Multi-lingual population

  • Heightened linguistic comprehension

  • Diverse social experiences

  • Multi-faceted perspectives

  • Better interpersonal skills

  • High Situational awareness 

  • Enhanced memory retention

  • Increased ability to learn additional languages

Bhashafunic classes have a max of 5 children in a class to ensure children learn from each other and from the teacher. Each child gets to hear different pronunciations and slangs, covering different regions of Kerala.


We start with conversational malayalam, focusing on commonly used phrases and sentences, moving on to easy letters and sight words. 


Classes use a mixture of short videos, poems, role playing, picture based conversations to get each child to attempt to speak the language.